100% Pure Calamansi Concentrate is rich in vitamin C which helps boost the immune system. 


No Additives or Chemicals, No Sugar added.


Takes away the hassle of needing to squeeze calamansi fruits manually, in short, convenient and more cost-efficient.


Can be used for cooking, marinating, baking, and for sauces, This fruit concentrate is also a healthier alternative to powdered juices.


1 (550ml) bottle can make about 3-4 liters of juice


Shake bottle well before opening. When used as juice, mix 2 to 3 tbsp. of Calamansi Concentrate into 1 glass of cold or hot water. Stir well to adjust Taste. 


Ingredients: Pure Calamansi Fruit Extract


Keep refrigerated once opened for longer shelf life.


Made in the Philippines

Pure Calamansi Concentrate (550ml)

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