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What specific diseases can your tea alleviate?


Our tea is made from the barks, leaves and twigs of Guyabano and Bignay tree infused with Mangosteen, Turmeric as well as other special herbs, which help prevent hypertension, diabetes, heart and prostate problems, myoma, dysmenorrhea, hyper acidity, colonic and erectile dysfunction, stroke, insomnia and hang over. Alongside drinking our tea, we suggest limiting your intake on the following: Foods with MSG, processed, instant, canned, burnt, fried and acidic food, dairy products and food made with animal protein. Our assortments of teas are also suitable for detoxification as well as maintaining overall balance.



Can persons undergoing medication consume your products?


Yes. Western medicines and antibiotics can be harmful toward internal organs when taken in excessive amounts. With that said, our array of products inhibit natural remedial properties, which help to protect such organs from deteriorating.



Can pregnant women consume your products?


Yes, if they can consume soft drinks and powdered juices alike, then they can most definitely consume our teas and other products as each are made from all natural ingredients with no chemicals or preservatives added.


What do you recommend for those people who have cancer?


Proper food intake is important for an overall well-functioning immune system and so we suggest avoiding food with animal protein and dairy products most especially when you are diagnosed with cancer. One should also avoid fried foods and stress as much as possible to prevent worsening of condition. To go hand in hand with said measurements, drinking a liter of Guyabano and Bignay Fortified tea daily is recommended since Guyabano has anti-cancer properties, Bignay protects the organs, damaged by the medicines used in the cancer treating process and Turmeric alleviates inflammation.  


Is there a limit to drinking your tea?


No, there is no overdose in drinking our teas.

What is the recommended daily intake for those suffering from Hypertension?


Some causes of Hypertension, if not inherited, include drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, smoking and enduring a lot of stress as well as lack of physical activity. For preventive measures, drink 4 to 5 cups of Bignay tea daily.


How can diabetes be prevented using your products?


Consuming white rice, white bread and noodles contribute to the severity of diabetes and so these must be avoided. One should also drink 4 to 5 cups of Mangosteen Tea as Xanthone (the active ingredient found in Mangosteen) is said to promote healthy bodily functions and lowers blood sugar. One can also opt for drinking Guyabano & Bignay for detoxification.



How can UTI be prevented using your products?


To avoid further worsening of the Urinary Tract Infection, drink at least 2 liters of Bignay Herbal Tea for rapid improvement as well as staying clear from consuming bread, biscuits and juices made with artificial flavoring.